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21 m³ , 107 m³ ve 152 m³ Our company is engaged in manufacturing vacuum pump;
Vacuum machines carry out their maintenance.

Fast communication

You can reach us from our phone numbers and get detailed information.
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Fast Parts Supply

We are always at your service with a quick solution to the focus of spare parts service, easy transportation, continuous and fast service.

Precision Vacuum

Vacuum machine lifting units with wide application area are used in food packaging and hospital systems.

Price advantage

Our products are designed in our structure and are widely located in the domestic market and also provide a great advantage in terms of prices abroad.

R & D Activities

In our structure, R & D activities are given great importance and we are constantly working to bring the best results to our valued customers.

Smokeless Silent Vacuum

Please contact us for information about our machines which have many advantages. The necessary information will be detailed and transmitted to you.

Specialization in Vacuum Machines

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